Digital transformation

Haven Holidays

Rarely Impossible were commissioned to digitise Haven’s activity packs, which were primarily paper based. Not only was this bad for the environment, it was placing a lot of pressure on admin teams within the parks, who were having to manually update activity information as guests checked in. What started as simply digitising activity listings, turned into an all-round guest experience app enabling guests to not only see what’s going on, but also access all different types of park information. The platform is still evolving.

We work across sectors


We have worked with Energetics for over 2 years and are about to complete a version 3 of their fitness mobile application across iOS and Android. The app focuses on helping people to independently improve their fitness. The brief is very simply to make improvements that will increase and maintain user engagement.

Building exciting partnerships

Construction Leader

We were originally commissioned to bring their Windows CE application to Android devices, mirroring what they’d already managed with iOS. We successfully achieved this within a few months and proceeded to translate the iOS codebase to Xamarin, enabling the company to have a shared codebase across both platforms. We’re now extending the project to explore additional features and functionality across Android and iOS which gives an all round mobile strategy for the company moving forward.

Bringing digital ambitions to life


KTM is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of motorcycles. Our work with KTM RC centred a global competition to promote the latest in the KTM bike range. The competition needed to create a global impact in just 10 weeks so Rarely Impossible were enlisted to create a scalable digital platform to be the hub of the contest. 

Delivering engaging user experiences


This project took the latest content to motorcross lovers across the globe whilst making the publication process far more efficient for KTM’s content editorial team. The final solution took multiple content sources and delivered a single feed intelligently across five different languages. In true Rarely Impossible style, the solution was designed for both iOS and Android devices, delivering multi-media content, including 3D footage just beautifully.


And Real Business Value


KITE Optics is a world-renowned manufacturer of designer eye wear. The brand is described as an elegant balance of science and art, fashion and health, heritage, and invention. It may there be no surprise to learn that KITE seek to deliver the same beauty and innovation in every aspect of their retail experience.

Our most innovative projects with KITE included building their tablet and large interactive mirror which enabled shoppers to send pictures of potential purchases to friends for opinions, whilst adding images to their own account library, almost like a wish list. In addition to being a great value-add service for customers and a testament to KITE’s innovative brand, the interactive devices gave sales advisers more time to focus on customer service on the shop floor.

validating the idea

My Amazing Team

Working with “My Amazing Team” we created a proof of concept with aim of inspiring new ways for large organisations to encourage workplace collaboration and incubate ideas. The concept took the form of an app that gives every voice within the organisation a platform to share, input and vote on company-wide initiatives, with the protection of anonymity. A few key features were explored with a focus on communication and data visualisation; just enough to get key stakeholders to take notice and start imagining the possibilities. 

Supporting our customers

To help internal software teams in building Xamarin mobile apps and Alexa Voice Skills for their internal systems and providing knowledge transfer to the company.